Certifications & Quality

JOBBING, sensitive in transposing European directives, since 2001, has expanded a quality management system in the area of services (cleaning and sanitation services in civil, industrial and hospital, hostessing, caretaker and reception environment) obtaining the ISO 9002 Certification Systems and later, in December 2003, the ISO 9001: 2000 (Vision 2000), then upgraded to ISO 9001: 2008.

The certification for JOBBING represents a continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of services offered, aiming mainly to customer satisfaction, so much so that by June 2006 it also obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001.

Indeed the corporate Quality System Certification arises from the desire of JOBBING to "be judged" by an authority or Certification Institute which verifies all the control actions of the entire production chain of the service, as indicated in the quality of their documents (manual, procedures, instructions, etc..), comply with and meet the standards of reference and, above all, that they are transposed, implemented and consolidated within the company. The system or product certification, bringing transparency to the company, makes credible the declared quality.

From the need of a higher qualification of operators on the market it also ranks the enrollment in the National Environmental Management obtained in 2006, a further guarantee for the customer who expects a correct disposal of waste according to applicable regulations.

In 2009 JOBBING also achieved OHSAS 18001 certification on the matter of security. The objective is to implement a corporate culture which really aims at keeping people safe (own staff and service users), and implement effective active ingredients to ensure the safety of the places and protect everyone health.

In 2013 JOBBING also obtained the certification of its social responsibility management system in accordance with the requirements of social accountability standard SA 8000:2008. It is an international standard that sets out requirements for ethical behavior of businesses and thechain of production towards workers. Compliance with the standard provides warranty of ethics of his own production chain and its production cycle.