JOBBING is a Cooperative Company founded in 1994. Over nearly 25 years in business, we work in 6 different sectors, delivering several services to our clients, often on the same site. In January 2018 we counted approximately 600 members and employees.

Historically we are operating in particular on the private sector. Our growth in recent years was indeed possible because since the beginning we developed particular attention to the quality of services provided and to a prompt and effective system of organization and control.

Northwestern Italy is the geographical area in which we operate today: we intend to expand in the coming years throughout the central and northern Italy.

In addition to the organization and management capabilities of individual services, in recent years we have gained a lot of experience in what is now referred to as "multiservice", a coordinated set of activities delivered at the same customer: the access control, cleaning, handling internal management of the reception, the supply of translators and hostess for events in data entry services, the management of Audio/Video facilities, food and beverage services and government property. Moreover, with qualified and reliable external partners, we perform the following services as well: maintenance of green, vending machines, disposal of electronic equipment and toner, minor maintenance and building, hydraulics and electrical repairs.

The added value of the JOBBING company

We have no intention to exhibit or accredit our company as the only one which can work well and seriously.
We would not be believable. It would not even be true: so many other businesses in the service market are effective and reliable.

However we want to highlight the attention and care we perform to check the services provided and keep the high level of quality and satisfaction of our customers.

This allows us to reduce errors and disruptions and to respond to the emergency with great speed and efficiency.