Artisan Ice Cream Production

Jobbing, a leading company in the world of quality catering, launches a new brand in the market - Tu che mi fai - dedicated to the sale of artisan ice cream: 10 flavours between sorbets and ice creams. 5 very special sorbets with citrus flavour - bergamot, lemon, mandarin, orange, lime - and aniseed, produced with care and passion using citrus fruits from local and controlled cultivations. 5 varieties of the finest ice creams - cocoa, fior di latte, hazelnut, pistachio and walnut - produced with high quality Italian fresh whole milk.
All flavours are made with extra virgin olive oil, no artificial flavourings, gluten and trans fat free: only natural and genuine ingredients.

Tu che mi fai - The taste of being and belonging
The history of Jobbing begins 24 years ago: our distinguishing characteristic has always been the careful and passionate research of detail, care and attention in designing services and passion in creating products. We strongly believe that a careful attention to detail makes the whole beautiful and not vice versa, as in life.
Over these years Jobbing's Food & Beverage department has dealt with catering for starred hotels, distinguishing itself by the quality of its service and the refined and genuine cuisine, introducing a passionate love for the taste of beauty on our table. Our undisputed mission is to spread the Italian culture of eating well, seeking with stubborn attention those in Italy who are still linked to the ancient artisan tradition of growing and processing products on our lands and by hand.

In 2017 the project 'Tu che mi fai' was born, after a meeting between the corporate world of Jobbing and the one of the entrepreneur Antonio Perri, producer of homemade ice cream for three generations.

Tu che mi fai - the taste of being
It is the desire to enhance the selected natural ingredients, through the knowledge of the lands from which they come and the production method absolutely artisanal, with a careful and balanced recipe.

Tu che mi fai - the taste of belonging
It is the desire to communicate the belonging of Italy to a territory, lifestyle and good rules in the kitchen, our country being rich in history, excellence in agriculture and humanity; the belonging to a world of passion, taste and attention to detail and why not, the recognition of a supreme You who gives all this.

While indulging in our sorbets and ice creams, we want to make people re-enjoy the ancient and deep flavours and aromas of life.