who we are

JOBBING is a skilled service company whose talent is to structure, coordinate and produce services, organizing at best necessary human and technical resources.
Our strengths are:
1. expertise in placing the right people at the right places;
2. the constant pursuit of required performance quality;
3. a timely, systematic and effective control system of all the service aspects we are providing.

what we do

JOBBING handles a wide range of activities and services in response to different needs:


  1. Environmental Sanitation
  2. Custody/Caretaker Service/Reception
  3. Jobbing Event - Trade Fairs&Events
  4. Hospitality Services
  5. IT and Audio-Video Services
  6. Integrated Services
  7. Building Maintenance Services
  8. Food & Beverage Services
  9. Pharmaceutical Industry Cleaning
  10. Artisan Ice Cream Production

where we are

JOBBING is active in Milan and throughout Lombardy.

Our main office:


  • Milano, via Tibullo 2;